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Factors to Consider When Choosing Mobile Anti-Virus Apps

factors to Consider When Choosing Mobile Anti-Virus Apps

With the growth of mobile banking apps, ‘one-click’ Amazon-style buying, and integrated emails,a lot of your personal information is now being stored on the mobile phone. Similar to your computer, your smartphone is also exposed to a broad range of viruses and malicious campaigns. Mobile malware is essentially malicious software that has been designed specifically to attack mobile devices and smartphones. There are many factors to Consider When Choosing Mobile Anti-Virus Apps.

With the upsurge in mobile malware attacks, users are increasingly turning to antivirus apps in efforts at combating the menace head on. However, choosing the best mobile security software is tricky. Options are many and range from basic free software to exotic packages with lots of extras and lofty price tags.

In general, it is safe to say that no antivirus program can be described as best as need and budgets vary. However, the following considerations can significantly assist you as you make your anti-virus app choice.

Easy to Use Features

Everybody wants to get, install, use and if possible forget the installed antivirus app. This naturally means that the best app should come with default configurations acceptable for most mobile users. A good antivirus app should also be easy to tweak and configure.

Good antivirus offers easy-to-use features that include how much of the system resources are being used. Just like a plane is equipped with an aeroflash strobe light or other useful warning signals, good anti-virus apps also flash or warn you when malicious malware is detected. Your app should also come with battery saving mode as well as other convenient options.


Besides checking that an antivirus app works smoothly with your smartphone’s OS, also confirm that it doesn’t generate system errors when installed alongside other software packages and proprietary programs. Some antivirus vendors do an excellent job of alerting you of any possible conflicts.

Malware Detection Capabilities

Go for an app that matches your temperament as some can be quite alarmist while others will pester you constantly. Most, however, are ever vigilant while a couple can be so un-intrusive that you can’t tell if they are even on duty. A few others seem to be ever busy trying to upsell paid apps compared to guarding your device. Try the free version before committing.

Regular Updates

Malware and virus threats are changing and constantly evolving as criminals’ device new routes of attack. Therefore, it is essential that any mobile antivirus app you consider should include regular updates to counter the newest threats. Most applications will automatically download and apply updates.

Some app vendors even roll out updates several times each day as newly created malware, and viruses are detected. Before buying or installing any mobile antivirus app, confirm about the frequency of updates.


Depending on the reputation of the vendor and the inbuilt features being provided, costs for mobile anti-virus apps can vary from free to over $50 per year. You need to carefully balance the offered features with the importance you attach to keeping your mobile device and personal information safe before setting a budget for yourself.

The majority of companies dealing with AV software typically release free versions as a means of advertising their commercial releases. You may opt to try the free version before deciding to go for the fully paid copy.

Choosing an antivirus app for your mobile device isn’t always an easy task. Today, there are dozens of good options out there, with different price tags. Whatever you decide on, ensure it’s robust enough to protect your mobile gadget. After all, what you want is to enjoy the benefits of the Internet and not become an easy target for cyber-criminals.

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