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Airtel Unlimited Data Plans and their Subscription codes

Recently one of the giant telecommunications companies in Nigeria, Airtel launched the “Airtel Unlimited data Plan”. The launch of this plans have brought up mixed feelings from the public. While some say it’s a good deal, the others are skeptical that it wont be truly “Unlimited“.

So we published this article to clear the doubts and explain in detail how the Airtel Unlimited data plans really work. So sit tight and enjoy!

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans and their subscription codes.

First of all, we’ve gat to show you how you can subscribe to any of these data plans.

The unlimited data plan in available in 3 different categories ; Unlimited 10 , Unlimited 15 and Unlimited 20.

  • #10,000 Unlimited Airtel data plan for 30 days – Dial *471#
  • #15,000 Unlimited plan for 30 days – Dial *463#
  • #20,000 Unlimited plan for 30 days – *351# 

Airtel Unlimited 10 :

The Unlimited 10 bundle is the cheapest “Unlimited” plan from Airtel and costs just #10,000 with 30days validity. However , if you use more than 40GB data within your subscription period , your browsing speed will be throttled (reduced) to 256 kb/s

This means that you will still have access to the internet even though you’ve exceeded the 40GB limit BUT your internet speed will be reduced till your subscription expires.

Dial *471# to subscribe.

Airtel Unlimited 15 :

The Airtel Unlimited 15 offers “unlimited internet for just #15,000 , with 30days validity. But once you exceed 65GB data , your internet speed will be throttled to 256kb/s.

Dial *463# to subscribe.

Airtel Unlimited 20 :

The Airtel Unlimited 20 costs #20,000 and has 30days validity. Your internet speed will be reduced to 256kb/s once you exceed 100GB data.

Dial *351# to subscribe.


Now, let’s get down to the question everyone has been asking:

Is the Airtel Unlimited Data Plan really Unlimited???

From my own point of view, it is unlimited because your internet will never stop flowing as far as you’re still subscribed to any of the plans.


When you exceed certain data caps, it shows you’re over-using the “Unlimited” internet given to you and you will be penalized by the reduction of your download speed.

In others words , you are sure to have internet access for the complete 30days. However , your internet speed will be reduced once you exceed a certain data cap.

Should you subscribe or not?

Whether or not you should subscribe depends on Airtel’s network coverage in your area. I mean , it dosen’t make sense to spend 10k on a data plan when you can’t load a single webpage. Does it?

If Airtel’s network in your location is good then you may consider subscribing to any of the airtel unimited data plan. However , if Airtel dosen’t have good coverage in your location then you should consider other networks.

For first time users that are unsure of Airtel’s coverage in their location , we strongly advice that you subscribe to a smaller package (lets say 1GB plan)  just to test their network strength before considering spending big on any of the unlimited plans.

Which of the Unlimited Plans should you subscribe?

If you’ve decided to subscribe to the unlimited data plan but you’re not sure which package to go for , here’s a quick way to know:

What we’re basically about to do right now is to check the amount of data we consume per month or for the last 30 days.

On your Android device , navigate to Settings > More > Data usage. Select the network you currently use for internet. It will show you your total  data usage for the last 30days.

Please not that this method is not 100% accurate because carrier data accounting may be different from the data recorded by your phone. However , it should give you an idea of how much data you use every month.

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