About Us

About Us


Who are we?

MyPhones.com.ng is a 21st Century Blog that is focused on providing Nigerians with Information about Android phones and their prices in Nigeria, including where to buy them from at cheap rates.

What do we do?

Our Main Focus Is On Android Phones and Tablets especially those ones found interesting by Nigerians. We’ve realized that Nigerians are quite price-conscious , and we’re here to guide them about which products to buy, where to get the original products from so as to make the right decision and avoid being duped at the local Nigerian market. On This website, you will get First Hand Information About The Latest Products In The Market , Their Specifications And Their Current Price In the Market (Online and Offline).

When did we start?

This little but mighty blog had always been an idea for a long time but eventually became a reality late in 2016, when we finally decided to do away with the dreaming and focus on building something. We hope to build this something to one of the biggest android phone review website in Nigeria in a couple more years with the help of our amiable audience.

Where are we?

We are currently situated in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. That’s where we run this business from. You can also get to e-mail us at [email protected] or put a call through at +2348103576002. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

What can you benefit from us?

We write full hands-on review of Android products , where we tell you everything you need to know , the strongest and weakest points of each device.  We guarantee that our review will leave no stone on-turned in giving you that perfect information you were searching for and we hope to deliver it in a way that makes you come back for more.

In addition, we deliver android how-tos including tips and tricks on how to better manage you android device for an efficient and productive experience.

Remember, user feedback is highly accepted. Contact us to tell us our strong points and also those weak points where we need to improve on and we promise to always be on our toes to present you with the most informative hands-on review of your favorite android devices and how to manage them for more efficient and cost-effective results.


Much Love from me to you! ?

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